Meditation Bites

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On this page, you will find a few meditation bites for personal practice, for class or for your general lunch hour. Please free free to download. I will try and add new ones as often as I can.

Meditation Bite I below is a simple hand meditation in Mp3 format for you to listen to or share. The exercise will work well with other body parts. But one should never underestimate the value of the hands. They are often neglected, even though we rely on them in our every day activities and routines.


Meditation Bite II below is a short text for a sea shell meditation. Sea shells are lovely and calming little things. They can store memories and remind us of the sea. They’re also very good for ‘meditation to go’ exercises.

Place the seashell in front of you and make sure you assume a comfortable sitting pose. It should allow you both to sit still for a longer period of time and to breathe freely. Slowly become aware of your breathing and listen to your long, steady and smooth inhales and exhales.

When you’re ready, allow your eyes to open and let them rest on your seashell. Slowly start to explore the shape of the shell. Is it round, spirally, oval or is it a triangle? Maybe it has a lovely butterfly shape? Just calmly move your eyes around its outline and follow its curves. Notice whether the ridges of your shell’s outline are jagged or smooth. Become aware of the size of your shell. Is it big, is it rather small or does it have an unusual size? To which animal or creature was the shell once host?

Sea Shell Star

Gently bring your attention back to the surface of your seashell and observe the texture of it. Is it smooth, silky and thin like paper or rough and ruffled like a rock? Can you make out a pattern on the surface, a fan pattern or maybe a rippled, wavy pattern? Are there any cracks or hollows in it?

You should become aware of the colour of your shell. Is it brown, red, blue, yellow, white or black? Is it a multi-coloured or a uni-coloured shell? Is the colour shiny or earthy? Try to slowly immerse yourself in the colour of your shell.

Stay with the shell for a few more breath. Come back to the surface and its outline. Can you hear the waves? Breathe. All is well.   

Meditation Bite III below is a Physalis Meditation in Mp3 format. The physalis is a small orange fruit the size of a tomato. Its sweet and sour taste is a glorious contrast, especially after some challenging asana practice or at the end of a long day. Enjoy!   

Music: Tom E. Morrison